About Us

MARTYRE is a lifestyle and accessories brand founded by Anwar Hadid & Yoni Laham. The brand is committed to exploring new concepts in jewelry while  upholding tradition collaborating with the most skillful artisans in Los Angeles to create timeless pieces for men & women with collector's appeal.

About US

At a time when fast fashion and consumerism take the meaning and intention away from creation, MARTYRE stands for exactly the opposite. Together, with our Head of Design & Co-Creative Director, Ryan Benson, we've set out to create a brand that refines the current construct of jewelry with an emphasis on substance and symbolism.

About Us

Our commitment to create something authentic inspires both the name and ethos of our brand. To us, MARTYRE represents individual strength and fortitude. We celebrate the devotion it takes to commit to something and the pursuit of what you believe in.

It's our mission to restore the substance and symbolism of jewelry, whether it’s worn as a decoration of accomplishment or pledge of love, we find that jewelry holds a personal meaning to us all, communicating the values that we hold.